Wild Horse Rugs

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Finally a highly effective and convenient form of Insect protection for your horse – a full range of Horsewear impregnated with Insect Control that helps protect your horse from mosquitoes, sandflies, midges, ticks, most biting flies and fleas. These can be disease carrying insects that pose the greatest potential risk and discomfort to your horse.

WILD Horse Australia uses a unique patented process that tightly bonds the fabric fibres with Permethrin – one of the most effective natural Insect Controls found in certain types of Chrysanthemum plants. This ensures a long-lasting, odourless and colourless barrier against many common and disease carrying insects, unlike other products which can affect your horse’s sense of smell. Insects are NOT controlled nor repelled by normal horse rugs and these can offer harbour for some insect species while they feed.

Insect Control treated fabric. Ripstop is our most durable fabric and great for a horse who is tough on their rug.

Poly/Cotton blend with approximately 70% polyester and 30% cotton. Polyester adds the strength and longevity of your rug, while the cotton is a great porous fabric. We have found this to be the best blend of strength and absorption and resistant to ripping and tearing.